You are cordially invited to the opening of the ‘Sinners and Saints’ – journey through womanhood

Featured Artists

Clare Menck, Jennifer Ord, Sita Suzzane, Cleone Cull, Hannalie Taute, Bronwen Vaughan-Evans, Bev Butkow, Ephia Mbidi

DATE : Tuesday 25 August 2015

TIME: 5.30 for 6.00pm

Galerie NOKO
109 – 111 Russell Road
Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth

T – 041.582.2090, C – 073.088.5883

The exhibition seeks to present a profound discourse by female artists to enable audiences dialogue with their journey through their trials, dreams, aspirations, thoughts, realities, whims and caprices. We are enabling this discourse in an era where art should speak for something and engage with the real issues of our time, like inequality or social conditions.

The intrinsic value of ‘Sinners and Saints’ – journey through womanhood is that it will serve as a platform of visibility of female artists in the area to usher in sensibilities from the gender offering different iterations. In a way, with this exhibition we are set to expand the fallible and infallible language of visual imagery and the invaluable contributions by women in the visual arts.

The messages of these women is not a gendered manifesto but simple statement in visual narratives of facts and philosophy, and the meanings will reverberate in our humanity through our lived experiences, seen, heard or read. This exhibition is purposed for the Month of August as it is significantly the Month set aside for the orchestration and celebration of the contributions of women.

Galerie NOKO presents a selection of outstanding works by women artists, charting the genre’s history from the dawn of the modern period to the present.

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