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Riding the Course Exhibition

15 December 2020 – 05 February 2021

The past months have seen humanity at some sort of crossroads, a period that is once in a century that overtly brings changes in all facets of life all at once. In navigating these times, artists are driven by the inert ability of sustaining the paradigms of socio-economic turmoil, avant-garde health measure, and whilst traversing the times. ‘Riding the Course’ are works explicitly born out of this period without necessarily being a documentation of the pandemic and its vagaries.

Born against challenges within these debilitating circumstances, artists traverse fronts such as isolation, abandonment, scarcity, anxiety and loneliness. These works are explorative tendencies as testaments that without focus there is no attainment.

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Featured Artists:
Asanda Kupa
Banele Njadayi
Daniel Mooy
Jason Jaffray
Khehla Chepape Makgato
Mathias Chirombo