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‘Our Skin Is Not The Problem’

This exhibition seeks to enable artists to interrogate the notion of the skin construct and how it has impacted communities. We are united and divided by the tone and perception/s of our skin. Perhaps no other feature of the human body has drawn more circumstances or fuelled public discourse as the skin. As our skin is the meeting place of biology and everyday experience, a product of human evolution that is superficial within the context of human culture, it is critical that we navigate its exigencies.

Skin, an organ endowed by natural forces has influenced our coexistence, impacted and evolved communities in profound and complex ways. It essentially illustrates the disparate interplay of social, political and cultural influences that defines or underlines and distinguishes our human reality.  History is replete with anecdotes of how race and ethnicity has influenced or shaped the direction, decisions and actions of societies. In this context, the exhibition challenges artists to present in visual metaphor their narratives of the skin.

Should you be interested in submitting work for this upcoming exhibition, please email: intern.galerie@gmail.com / galerienoko@gmail.com