Factor X Discourse – May 2015

In recent times, contemporary African Art and Artists have triggered key discourses in the art world

as global art and culture spotlight is focused on the African continent.

Contemporary African art continues to thrill an ever-increasing circle of collectors, and Factor X

discourse will provide a critical insight into the multi-faceted visual art media and medium across

platforms by artists in Africa and the African diaspora. This exhibition is conceptualized to present

critical works that examines the newly developing field of contemporary African and African

Diaspora art within the modernist and postmodernist experience and therefore contributes

significantly to the intellectual dialogue on world art and the discourse on internationalism and

multiculturalism in the arts and communities.

An inclusive ingredient for this initiative is to allow communities to interact and dialogue with works

from a diverse stable of Africa’s sensibilities and to ostensibly address the narratives of xenophobia,

exclusion and acceptance.

A quarter of the artists are from the home country, giving the exhibition a strong local base and the

others are international.