Neville Petersen (1960) – South Africa. Photographer and occasional lecturer.


Neville Petersen (1960) – South Africa.
Born and raised on the East Rand, Johannesburg, lives in Pretoria.
Obtained a diploma in photography through the SA Air Force in 1980 and worked as press photographer for various publications for more than a decade. Joined a tertiary institution as staff photographer and occasional lecturer. Freelancing since 1991 with the current focus on industrial photography both commissioned and fine art work. Aiming to change the look of boardroom walls across the globe.

Employing only the very most basic equipment often keeping a single camera and lens in hand, throughout photographing an entire industrial site. Capturing unusual scenes without altering or setting up a subject and avoiding the over-use of software completely. He brings the hidden world of industry to the ordinary man on the street, in a most appealing way.

Artist Statement

What more can I say than the fact that I enjoy what I do. I will leave the fancy descriptions and complicated words for the other artists. All I want is access to places which are off-limits to most. Every mine, power plant and industrial site I photograph is a challenge to get in. Without the most sophisticated equipment, I strive to take the best possible photo on the day. Hopefully showing the viewer something new, an image not often seen.