Ambassador’s Footprint

Johan Bloom - Human Quest 2

Artists: Lorinda Pretorious, Banele Njadayi, Mathias Chirombo, Johan Bloom, Siyabonga Ngaki

From March 10 to April 10, 2016

Opening Function : Thursday March 10, 2016 at 6.30pm

Galerie NOKO is proud to present an exhibition by diverse artists titled  ‘Ambassador’s Footprint’ . The exhibition premiered at the 4th Cape Town Art Fair, February 2016  in the CTICC  to much acclaim, and made history as the first ever platform to showcase Port Elizabeth artists or an Eastern Cape based  art gallery at an international Art  Fair. The ‘Ambassador’s Footprint’ exhibition opens in Port Elizabeth at Galerie NOKO as a homerun exhibit presenting engaging visual metaphors by these sought after  artists.

In Banele’s recent explorations using found objects has seen his art works and mediums change and evolve, the objects utilised includes metal, boards, wood and plastic canisters and canvasses metaphorically expressed. His works focuses on community and the social lives of the majority of black South Africans, documenting scenes from everyday life.  Initially, a majority of his works utilised oil on zinc currently he uses found objects like bolts nuts, steel, metal, wire, nails, timber and so forth in his sculpture pieces.

Johan’s  work is greatly enriched by travels in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe and he is in constant search for contemporary, multi-faceted and multi-cultural expressions that mirrors the world we live in. His approach involves working in series to unfold a concept or an idea. When Johan is not studio bound, he works on art projects of various kinds.  His artistic contributions are mainly focused on the promotion of free-thinking and instigating multiculturalism.

Lorinda works from the paradigm that glass as a medium is superbly malleable and lends itself to conceptual interpretations that only very few existing materials can surpass. In her work, she is single minded in expounding her convictions that glass is a medium fit for contemporary art making.  Her works draw on the delicate and fragile nature of her medium to present beauty and strength.

Siyabonga’s His works draw from the inherent values of tradition, customs, and of a people who respect culture. This influences his choices of his subject matter, making conscious contrast of the way things are done today and the way they used to be thus drawing analogies between the present and previous historical contexts.

He seeks in his works to question situations and developments in our communities with images that tell stories and evoke sentiments toward or against current events in our time. His wooden sculptures are results of following the existing wood grains, contours and twists in the said material to unveil with little or no subtractive process the underlying narratives that time, weather, climate and gene factors have sealed in the structure. Siyabonga’s two dimensional works border on social commentary.

Mathias’s process of transforming an empty space or landscape into a space that is occupied by spiritual forces from nature and the ability to combine the physical and spiritual to make one piece of sculpture or painting turns the work itself into a sacred work/object. The artwork is the place/space where the spirits can evidently be felt in the atmosphere of matter.

“The Ambassador’s Footprint presented by Gallery Noko brings together artists whose work reflects interlaced historical traces of critical thought, styles and theoretical approaches. It is the intersections, exchanges and transpositions that texture the works. The title, Ambassador’s Footprint, implies vestiges or making traces as well as transpositions. Considering the notions of the “representative” and “commutation” that are evoked in both words (‘ambassador’ and ‘footprint’), the works selected for exhibition divulge the depth of traceable historical trajectories”. – Dr Nomusa Makhubu, lecturer African history – University of Cape Town.

The published exhibition catalogue  will be available during the exhibition.


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