Redefinition of the status quo

Redefinition of the status quo

The Redefinition of The Status quo – Collector’s Edition exhibition suggests that the ubiquity of art should be changing or aiding in the way we relate to other, and should lead to place-based communities becoming more cohesive. In tandem, visual art enables greater connectivity between otherwise disparate groups or ages, making it easy for people to see and dialogue.

Galerie NOKO’s inaugural exhibition seeks to indicate that the blurring of the boundary between the established and the emerging is set to intensify. All of this in essence draws us to opine that we may need to force ourselves to connect, plug in, and make space to notice and appreciate or view ourselves through art. With optimal engagement, Galerie NOKO is willing to disrupt the existing state of visual art affairs through exhibitions, presentations, workshops and conferences.

This group show draws artists from different backgrounds – local, national and international, that work in diverse media on discourse/s that involves, connects or affects each or all of us.



  • Wehrner LemmerSculpture
  • Charmaine HainesCeramics
  • Mbongeni ButheleziPlastic on plastic
  • Duncan StewartPainting
  • Usen Obot – Painting/mixed media
  • David JonesSculpture
  • Benon LutaayaCollage
  • Delphine NiezCeramics
  • Phumla Matolo – Ceramics
  • Nick HauserDrawings/Painting
  • Luthando ‘Kingsticx’ FakuLinocut
  • Uwem UmoanwanThermal Bonding
  • Neville PetersenPhotography