Entries by Usen Obot

Silk and Steel

The SILK AND STEEL EXHIBITION is a re-examination of the intrinsic roles and invaluable contributions of women in transcending history. The exhibition is a gender dialogue that is only purposed to facilitate the discourse around, expressions and views on women’s contributions, and how these are located in contemporaneity but also seeks to showcase the


NEWNOWNEXT EASTERN CAPE 2014 aims to discover exciting new talent in contemporary art and showcase their work locally and nationally. Open to any person practising art as an amateur artist, art student or self-taught artist that lives in South Africa. The three winning artists will each receive 15,000, 10,000 and 5,000 rands

Redefinition of the status quo

The Redefinition of The Status quo – Collector’s Edition exhibition suggests that the ubiquity of art should be changing or aiding in the way we relate to other, and should lead to place-based communities becoming more cohesive. In tandem, visual art enables greater connectivity between otherwise disparate groups or ages, making it easy for people