Uwem Umoanwan studied painting variously at the university of Uyo and the University of Benin, Nigeria with BA,MFA respectively.

A lecturer on Art and Design, Akwa ibom state polytechnic, Nigeria.

He has exhibited extensively both in solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally.

He is currently, experimenting with thermal bonding of fibre with colour pursuing his doctorate degree in Fine Art.

Artist Statement

My painting are born out of the capacity for critical reflection on aesthetic concerns through the use of material in present-day lived experience of experimental artist. By so doing, the works provides a visual commentary on the effect of socio-economic and cultural change that we as a country has experienced for decades and how this has shaped the psyche of the artist. i have tried to express this not so much through figurative motif, but through an aesthetic form notable non-objective form, fibre assemblage and colours.

I, however acknowledges a crisis of organisation in term of formal qualities which is fundamental to all experimental art. This genre of art do not appear to sustain comfortable synthesis most especially amongst gallery aestheticians. Be that as it may ,its essence can be found in the aesthetics potential and creative manipulation of the material to depict every human concern.